The committee museum

Audio tour :

Old Perouges Museum has been created in 1912 by Old Perouges Defence Committee in order to protect, highlight and show to the public, various objects linked to the city history.

These beautiful historical objects have been gathered thanks to Old Perougian families, and are owned by the Committee itself (which makes it a private museu

Settled in four houses of the Old Maison des Princes (House of Princes), it shows:
– One archeological room presenting some excavations results, in Perouge and its neighbourhood
– A collection of old furniture
– A weaving room, along with its specific spinning wheels, and other weaving gears
– A collection of mediaeval tools
– Many old papers and archives, including an original copy of Trevoux’s Dictionnary
– Earthenwares, tins and wrought irons
– Tremendous paintings, music instruments and etchings
– A collection of old coins.

Feel free to take a virtual tour of some of the unique objects of our Museum using our viewer.

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